Automotive Wheel hub bearing manufacturer in China

Starwex is a professional automotive front and rear wheel hub bearings manufacturer in China. We have different kinds of wheel hub bearings with best price and good quality.

What is wheel hub bearings?

A hub is where we find the bolts on a car wheel. Hub bearings allow wheels to turn on the axle. In a vehicle, a hub bearing serves two primary purposes: it allows the hub and the attached components to rotate easily, and it keeps the wheels rotating as a unit while attached to the car.

Wheel hub bearings are becoming more and more unitized, with the number of parts decreasing from the first-generation to the third (GEN3), and evolving into light weight, compact products. STARWEX now mass-produces GEN3 hub bearings on a global scale to deliver diverse generations of hub bearings to automobile manufacturers worldwide. We also offer a full lineup of GEN3 hub bearings with built-in active ABS sensors that respond to the safety demands of the automotive world.

Our hub bearings incorporate a sealed-type construction to deliver a sensor-integrated hub bearing. This design helps to prevent damage, corrosion, and adhesion of iron powders to the internal magnetizing encoder and the sensor probe–and makes our ABS sensors all the more reliable.