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Tensioner bearings

The Tensioner Bearing should be replaced when replacing the timing belt. And we are professional for the worldwide market to provide high quality and affordable tension bearing.

Our Tensioner bearings

  • The best material selection for high-temperature use
  • Ideal sealing design to prevent grease leakage
  • Low torque engineering to reduce excessive seal friction
  • Grease selection for high temperature and long-term use
  • Optimal clearance Tolerance control to achieve correct alignment

Tensioner Bearings

The belt-driven outer ring mechanism is inherent in this design. The tensioner bearing is located on the slack side. (The idler bearing is located on the tight side) There are various styles according to the engine type.


  • Provide tension to the belt
  • Transmit driving force from crankshaft
  • Prevent belt slippage
  • Prevent noise caused by off-line belts
  • Minimize the belt layout space