Project Description


Needle roller bearings are essentially cylindrical roller bearings except that their cylindrical rollers have a length 3 – 10 times of their diameter. They are also essentially bearings that utilize small & cylindrical rollers. The ratio of the bearing outside the diameter to the inscribed circle diameter is small, and they have a rather high radial load capacity. The needle roller bearings have a low cross section, and they have a high radial loading capacity and are exceptionally  for bearing applications where there is limitation of radial space.

Feature of needle roller bearings

The feature of need roller bearings is a smaller cross-section, higher load-carrying capacity, greater rigidity, and lower inertia forces, which facilitate size and weight reductions in machinery. They are designed to  interchange with sliding bearings, withstand oscillation, perform under severe conditions. Various types of needle bearings are used in a wide variety of sizes and tolerances, for the multitude of applications.

The bearings is a variation of the cylindrical roller bearing. The roller design capacity  is the main differences. The rollers diamater are thinner , but there are more rollers per bearing. Full complement needle roller bearings do not have a cage. For this kind of bearing, one roller pushes against the other holding everything in place. Even though needle roller bearings have a low cross section, they have a every high radial loading capacity and are exceptionally for bearing applications where radial space is limited.

Needle Roller Bearing Application:

The bearings are ideal for many applications area such as transfer cases, outboard engines,valve trains, axle supports, power tools, textile industry machinery,copiers, paper moving equipment, fax machines,and appliances including;

1. Transmissions
2. Universal joints
3. Steering gears
4. Alternators

Different types of needle bearings are using in a wide variety of sizes and tolerances, for a multitude of applications.

1. Needle roller and cage assemblies are offered in single or double row,metric and inch sizes, solid or split cage; as well as in connecting rod bearings for special applications.
2.Single and double row bearings are available with or without rings, and with or without inner ribs.
3.Yoke and stud type track rollers are also available.
4.Thrust bearings are offered in single row roller and cage assemblies.