Clutch Release Bearing for automotive vehicles

As one of the professional Clutch release bearings manufacturer, we have different types of bearings. Here follow the detailed specifications


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Also referred to as a type of Thrust Bearing, a clutch-compatible bearings aids in smoothness, offering lower vibration and noise reduction. Additionally, the clutch-release bearing is also known to perform well in heavy-duty transmissions; permitting maximum speed at maximum loads while resisting wear and tear to give longer life to the bearing.

STARWEX Clutch Release Bearing
The self-aligning clutch release bearing allows a perfect distribution of engage /disengage loads to the clutch diaphragm spring fingers. This effective load distribution creates a better opening and closing balance with the pressure plate over the clutch disc, thus providing stable torque transfer between the engine and drive train, and reducing vibration throughout the system and specifically, in the clutch pedal.

STARWEX Optimized Clutch Contact Bearing
This design with optimized clutch contact has a special plastic washer to reduce contact friction between the bearing and the clutch diaphragm spring fingers, increasing the efficiency of the actuating systems. During the operating life, this feature will reduce variation in the actuating force, reducing bearing slip and therefore, prevent fretting corrosion from contact between the bearing and clutch.

STARWEX Heavy Truck Clutch Release Bearings
STARWEX has special ball bearing designs for pull type clutches used in medium and heavy-duty truck applications. These bearings have specially designed rings and seals to withstand the extreme operating conditions of high loads and high temperatures. Also, the STARWEX’s production competence from stamped parts to forging and machining parts, allows us to supply the complete clutch release bearing – the ball bearing, bearing housing and fixing parts. We also have hi-tech controlled test stands that simulate real operating conditions for heavy-duty truck clutch release bearing applications, on which our clutch release bearings are tested and validated.